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Ernie Tannis, B.A., LL.B, C. Med., (Chartered Mediator-ADR Institute of Canada) Acc. FM (OAFM)

email: phone cell 613-266-3896; fax 613-226-2629; law firm 613-226-1011

Ernie Tannis practices as a Solicitor and Mediator in his own practice and also is Counsel to the law firm Francis/Loubert LLP, he is also President of ADR Centre (Canada) Inc. All operations out of Ottawa, Canada.

He is an author of various books on conflict resolution, medaition, problem-solving, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). As Dave Brown, columnist from the Ottawa Citzen, who was MC for the book launch of Ernie's two new books on Nov. 29th. 2010, wrote in the headline: "A Life Dedicated to Justice". Ernie received the County of Carleton Law Association Gordon Henderson Community Service Award in 1994.

He has recently published two books, both found at (search ernest tannis): Alternative Dispute Resolution That Works! 2nd. 20th anniversary edition (2010-the original book in 1989 was the first book in Canada on this subject), and a sequel book Is Everyone At The Table? 18 Life Lessons in Problem-Solving, which is also availabe in ebook format. His next book will catpure the collective wisdom of the guests on a unique ADR weekly Chin Radio program which he co0hosted with Gary Michaels, Chin Radio Ottawa Program Director, who was the originator of the idea for this radio series, ran for five years from Feb. 2005 to Feb. 2010, 260 shows, 1,500 guests, and two national CEMA awards in 2007 and 2008. He conducts a Good Governance program for charities and ngo's under the trade-marked name :All A Board". He has initiated a program for conflict resolution for individuals called FIT-Families In Transition. He writes articles, one a series on "Do We Have a Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith" with ADR Institue of Ontario. He has written the conclusive thesis on whether Presdient Kennedy's famous phrase "Ask not..." actaully came from Kahlil Gibran. He is presently exploring a thesis on Theological Mediation, amongst the Abrahamic Faiths.

He was called to the Bar of Ontario on April 12th. 1976, graduating from Carleton University (1971-B.A.) and Ottawa University Common Law (1974-LL. B. to become a J.D), He had orignally practiced for ten years with the law firm Karam, Tannis, Greenspon. He later worked beginning in 1981, with the law offices of Blaney, Stappels & McMurtry before acting , (1989)as the Executive Director for the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR) and embarking on an ADR journey begininig in 1985, when he left the law practice to learn about ADR, which is recorded now in his new books. After his stint with CICR, in 1992 he became Counsel to the lawfirm Sadik, Fogarty and Max, then an Associate with Tannis, Leclair, Reid. then set up the ADR Centre in Ottawa. In 2004, he became an associate with Barrick Poulsen LLP, then Counsel to Barrick Domey Tannis LLP in 2007.Since 2010, he is, in addition to his own private practice and activities as Author, Mediator, Solicitor, Counsel to the lawfirm Francis/Loubert LLP, all in Ottawa, Canada.

His father is from Kfarmishky, Lebanon, and maternal grandfather from Damascus, Syria, as a natural born (Ottawa) Canadian Citizen, he was also pleased to receive his Lebanese Citizenship (2010).

Ernie is co-founder of REACH ( and has been and remains as Honorary Counsel for dozens of charitable and non-governmental organizations. His areas of practice as a solicitor include: Family Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, NGO and Charities Law and Civil Litigation, as a Solicitor, not a Barrister. He is also co-founder of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution ( Ernie also offers his services to the public as a Mediator. He has vast experience with all types of mediations, arbitrations and various other kinds of alternative dispute resolutions.He is called upon to make presentations and training. The focus is on family, building from republication of the 1988 booklet of Conflict Resolution Day of Ottawa-Carleton celebrating the first high school peer mediation program in Canada.

He received in Ottawa a United Way Community Builder award in 2012 and a Queen's 60th Jubilee Award in 2012 with subsequent recognistion from the Embassy of Lebanon and the Muslim community.

He has a son, Derek, married to Tina, they have a son, Morgan, his grandson, and he has a daughter, Chanda. He is married to Youmna Ismail, living in Ottawa, Canada.

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