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CCAC Cutbacks

Summary of materials available to be purchased in relation to the Nov. 27th, 2003 Workshop on Ottawa community care access Center Cutbacks, co-sponsored by reach and the ontario association of social workers eastern branch to be held at 2-5pm at the reach office at 400 Coventry Road.

Materials to be included:

  • Visual Chart of the entire Appeals Process
  • Long Term Care Act, 1994 and Regulations thereunder
  • Community Care Access Corporations Act, 2001 and Regulations Thereunder
  • Ministry of Health Appeal and Review Board Act, 1998
  • Health Services Appeal and Review Board Book of Rules and Procedures
  • Applicable Internal Review Process Procedures (Reference to the 43 CCAC's)
  • There will also be reference to the Statutory Powers and Procedures Act and applicable jurisprudence. In addition, some relevant Board decisions will be included.
  • There is presently an Appeal by Ian Black which challenges the legality of the cutbacks and the Public Hearing is being scheduled in Ottawa, date to be announced. As may be legally permitted by the time of the workshop other pertinent materials may be included.
  • other forms and precedents will be included in terms of the entire process.
  • Bound Volume

    The Materials will be in a bound volume, with a cover sheet, and a detailed index, with tabs for each section for easy reference.

    Use of the Materials

    The Materials will have different usages and value for different persons:

  • At the Oct. 24th, 2002 workshop, the first volume of materials was compiled, the first in Ontario. This updated volume will include all of those original materials plus updates. As far as is known, there is no other source for such a compilation of these materials in Ontario.
  • The Bound Volume will provide an overall big picture of the entire scheme for CCAC's in Ontario. Feedback from last year's volume from social workers, lawyers, clients, and others was positive in terms of having handy reference to these documents to understand what is involved from beginning to end.
  • The specifics of each legal aspect, and each stage in the process, will provide important precedents and guidance on how to conduct the negotiations in relation to CCAC cutbacks and appeals from the internal to the Board.
  • There will be references to other resources and contacts in Ottawa and in the Province for further information on a variety of aspects of the issues.
  • HomeCare Forum, a non-profit vehicle that was established in 2002, will be represented and materials from a publicly attended facilitated event at Saint Paul University on June 18th, 2002 will also be made available. This will allow for safe feedback on an anonymous basis, on the impact that the cutbacks had on clients.
  • The current situation will also be subject of other studies and reports conducted by others, together with communications with different authorities, so there can be a better overall grasp of the actual environment, as it exists today.
  • In general, the materials, will be a valuable reference guide for the present and the future for anyone involved or affected by this area, the complexities and nuances of which are not well-known, so the overall educational value is very important.
  • If you wish to order the materials please call: